The Conference papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings with indexing in the RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index) system. The Conference Organizing Committee is working on the plan to include selected articles in specialized journal publications reviewed in VAK (Higher Attestation Commission), Scopus and Web of Science indexing systems.


The text must be presented in the electronic form (text editor MS Office Word, format DOC/DOCX, page margins – 25 mm on all sides, font Times New Roman, size 14, single spacing, text alignment in width).

The paper title should be situated in the center in capital bold letters without abbreviations. Below the authors’ full names are written in bold italic type (for example: S.А. Petrov), separated by a comma, with upper-script numbers indication of affiliation with the organization. Further, under the authors’ names, with alignment on the left edge, in accordance with the affiliation of the authors of the article, the authors’ organization, city, country, e-mail address, are written.

The abstract of the article, the volume of which should not be more than 1500 characters, without paragraph indentation, alignment in width, is given through the line. The next line contains key words in italics.

After indenting in one blank line the main text of the article is presented.

The article volume is up to 4 pages. The article allows the presence of any graphic material, by grayscale, with good resolution (not less than 300 dpi).

Automatic per-page foot-notes by numbers (size 12). New paragraph (first line) is 1,25 сm (making new paragraph line with «Space» button is not accepted). Automatic per-line word hyphenation. No page numbers.

References are made in alphabetic order at the end of the article. References should be inserted into the text of the article in square brackets in the form of the source number listed at the end of the article.

File is named by the first author’s name. In case if the first author submits two articles, the number of the article is indicated after the author’s name (for example, Petrov1.docx, Petrov2.docx).

The first author cannot submit more than two articles for the Conference Proceedings.

The article formatted as required should be sent in electronic format (as a word-file) to the Conference Organizing Committee (

The Conference Organizing Committee reserves the right to select the materials and partially edit them in accordance with the Conference topics.  Articles that do not comply with the requirement will not be accepted for the publication.

We kindly request you to comply with the deadlines specified in the Conference Information Letter!

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