It is necessary to fill in all the fields listed below and attach abstracts in order to apply for participation in the 2nd All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation “ARCTIC FUTURE BEGINS HERE”

    1. The speaker’s surname, first name, and patronymic:
    2. Place of work / study:
    3. Status of participant (When selecting the option "Other", proceed the 5th item): 4. For post-graduate students, students and schoolchildren (proceed the 8th item after filling): the scientific adviser’s surname, name, and patronymic, academic degree, academic title, position, place of work:
    5. Position:
    6. Academic degree:
    7. Academic title:
    8. E-mail: 9. Contact phone number:
    10. Scientific directions: 11. Title of the report (article):
    12. Form of participation : 13. Participation in excursions to the museums of Kirovsk and Apatity: 14. Participation in the master class : 15. Attach abstracts